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After years of expertise on the home/building automation integration we have developed a solution that solve some of the major problems on the existing products on the market.

So, for example, the KNX systems are costy and limited on their programming capabilities. The solutions based on PLC are cheaper and more versalite programatically speaking but has a lot of limitations on network protocols and libraries, the programming is complex, the interoperation with other systems and the user is not easy and it has an strong dependency on the integrator/installer.

These are some of the motives for which we have decided develop our own solutions for home/building automation. In our solution we try to achieve:

  • Simplicity: on the programming as well as on the configuration and its use.
  • Interoperability: our systems can communicate with the some of the more extended protocols: KNX, DALI, EtherCAT y Modbus. And we will increase this list in the future.
  • Open: We will make all our software open and we will put all the needed information at the user/integrator/installator disposition.

To know more about our products: